Captain David Saber, Chaplain
Officially, I’m a California State Licensed Cremated Remains Disposer and a 100-ton, USCG licensed Merchant Marine Captain for twenty years.

Before becoming a Captain, I wrote and performed music. I sang lead with "The Lettermen" and played bass for the artists of Motown Records and others. I mention this as it was my education on human feelings and matters of the heart and how to write and produce an event called The Mariners Farewell©. Before that was the Marine Corps and school.

My wife Pam and I are very committed to the well being of people and the ocean. Years ago we stopped a well known university who tried to hire us to dump human ashes they laced with toxic waste into the Santa Monica Bay. The L.A. Times and five television stations covered this whole event. I am still a witness for people whose lives were changed forever. Nothing got into the sea but evil needs to be dealt with everyday.

  • U.S.C.G.Commercial Licensed

  • Licensed Cremated Remains Disposer

  • 20 Years Mariner's Chaplain